Alumier Skin Experts / February 1, 2019

As soon as winter hits, we bundle up for warmth but sometimes we forget that even our exposed skin needs their TLC during this season. Fact: our skin pays quite the price during the winter months. Even the most “normal”…


Alumier Skin Experts / January 3, 2019

Dilshad Burman, web content writer/reporter for Toronto’s CityNews & 680 NEWS, shares her reasons why AlumierMD became her perfect companion in her journey towards healthy, blemish-free skin….

Alumier Skin Experts / December 14, 2018

December brings with colder temps but also some pretty hot gift giving ideas! This year check out these fab five products which will always deliver on some gorgeous Insta-worthy skin moments…

Alumier Skin Experts / November 30, 2018

We’ve all been there. When we notice something is off about our skin. The complexion is clear but it’s lacking a certain sense of vibrancy and we’re left wondering “when did I start looking so dull?” Sure, we get it. Life is life….

Alumier Skin Experts / November 20, 2018

What is a chemical peel? Chemical peels cause intentional damage to the epidermis and/or dermis with the goal of stimulating new tissue to improve skin texture and tone. Chemical peels have been…

Alumier Skin Experts / November 19, 2018

The festive season is nearly here and it’s time to get your skin care and makeup routine party-ready! First—Prep That Skin Beautiful makeup begins with healthy glowing skin…

Alumier Skin Experts / November 5, 2018

When the temperature drops and the harsher weather moves in, this is when you need to give your skin some extra TLC. Do you feel left out in the cold when it comes to taking advantage of amazing…

Alumier Skin Experts / October 7, 2018

Do you know what’s brilliant? Finally getting a customized AlumierMD treatment for that skin issue you’ve been meaning to address. You know what’s even more amazing? Having the results of said treatment last more than a day after you leave the skin care professional’s table….

Alumier Skin Experts / September 24, 2018

A little-known fact that not everyone may know is, that when it comes to certain ingredients, the freshness of that ingredient really does matter. When choosing ingredients for your skin be mindful that some may oxidize over time. Have you ever had a product that changes…

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